Bridge Foundry virtual office

Bridge Foundry is committed to transparency in all of its operations, while keeping private information of individuals private to ensure safety and respect, and Bridge Foundry seeks to create policies to support its goals of transparency without creating an operational burden on the organization. — Board of Director’s resolution, 2017-07-30 minutes

Front Office

Public information of the corporation

Current Board of Directors:

  • Sarah Allen, Chair
  • Isa Herico
  • Melissa Xie

Current corporate Officers:

  • Sarah Allen, CEO
  • Isa Herico, Secretary
  • Melissa Xie, Treasurer

Legal & governance documents:

We will link to these documents when they become available:

  • Public copy of our annual 990s
  • Bylaw Amendments (none so far)

EIN: 82-2172655

Back Office

We keep information with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) private. Our official records are kept in different virtual locations:

  • List of Director & Officer contact info (private doc shared with Board of Directors and Officers)
  • Financial Records will be kept in an online accounting system
  • Full version of our 990s that include PII (private doc shared with Board of Directors and Officers)


  • Ilen Zazueta-Hall, Chair 1/10/2018-12/31/2019
  • Karen Herreid, Treasurer