Custom PayPal Buttons

Chapters have the option of embedding a PayPal donation button on their website. (This option isn't available for Independent Communities.)

Request a PayPal button by completing this form. The form can be submitted by any registered Volunteer Fundraiser for your Chapter.

Prior to requesting a button, decide whether you want it to redirect back to your website after the donor pays or not. A best practice is to create a donation thank you page on your website, and have the button redirect there after the donation. If you go this route, you will need to set up this page on your website prior to requesting a button.

You will receive your new PayPal button code via email within a week (usually less). If you don't see the button come through within a few days, feel free to email us at

Required Language

We ask that you include some language about unrestricted funds in a location that will be seen by anyone using your PayPal Donation button - generally right above, below, or next to the button. When you email people a URL to your PayPal page rather than using the button, please also include this language in the email. Pick one of the two following versions - be sure to include the link either way! We will remind you about this when we send you the button code as well.

Short version

All donations are provided to Bridge Foundry, Inc. as unrestricted funds.

Long version

All donations are provided to Bridge Foundry, Inc. as unrestricted funds. This is an important accounting distinction and allows Bridge Foundry to spend funds to support our mission, even in the unlikely event that [Bridge/Chapter name] stopped being active. We will do our best to create activities with volunteers in our area that honor your donation, and appreciate that you are willing to support our shared mission: to transform tech culture, by generating leaders, teachers and mentors who empower the underserved.