Using Funds

Once you have raised donations or received a grant for your group's activities, there are a few things to keep in mind for spending the money.

Approved Expenses

All expenses must follow the approved expenses policy. When in doubt about whether something follows the policy, ask us!

Documentation Requirements

Receipts are required for all expenses, regardless of how they are paid for or the type of group you have. Plan ahead to make sure you can receive adequate documentation.

Receipts for all expenses must reflect the dollar amount, proof of payment, and an itemized list of the items purchased.

In some cases this means submitting multiple receipts (for example, restaurants often have separate receipts for itemized charges and proof of payment with tip amount.) Invoices that don't list an amount paid do not count as receipts, but again, you can submit them along with a proof of payment receipt if only the invoice lists itemized detail.

If you are working with an on-site service provider like a babysitter, print out a copy of our receipt template in case they don't have their own receipts and have them fill one out for you.

Payment options


Most volunteers get reimbursed via Expensify. The system allows you to submit your receipts and then receive a direct deposit reimbursement to your bank account.

Pex Cards

Chapter and Bridge Leaders (but not Independent Communities) have the option of applying for a prepaid cash card (Pex card), allowing them to pay directly from the funds they have raised through Bridge Foundry for expenses. They are required to submit receipts via Expensify by 5 days after month end for all expenses charged to the card.

Direct Pay

Chapters, Bridges, and Communities can also have Bridge Foundry pay directly from the funds they have raised through Bridge Foundry for expenses. This can be done via having the vendor bill us or sometimes we can call them with credit card information. This works best for payments that have at least a week lead time so we can make arrangements.