Funded Grants

Funded Grants are when a Volunteer Fundraiser raises money for your Community and then we distribute it via a grant. We ask that you still "apply" for the grant so that we have a paper trail and you've agreed to follow our policies for allowed expenses and expense reports.

Note: this category does not apply to Chapters, as funds they raise via Volunteer Fundraisers are available for their direct use.

Apply for a Funded Grant

To apply for the grant, just fill out this Application Form. Select "We (will) have funds raised specifically for our Community" since you plan to raise money to cover the workshop(s).

If you plan to hold and raise funds for multiple workshops in a year, you can submit just one application for them all. Just indicate how many workshops you plan to hold as part of the grant.


Because you have raised (or will raise) funds for the workshop, we automatically approve Funded Grants as long as you're following Bridge Foundry policies.

We will confirm your submission and approve the grant within a week (usually in a couple days). If you don't hear back from us within a few days, feel free to follow up with us at

Insufficient Funds

If you find that you're having trouble raising donations for a workshop after all, just let us know at We will be happy to consider converting the grant to a Seed Grant.