Approved Expenses Policy

Activities within the Bridge structure are primarily workshop based, so many of our standard approved expense types are modeled on common workshop expenses. But as we've grown, Bridges, Chapters, Communities, and Programs have developed interesting ways to promote diversity in their groups. Got an inspiring idea for something not on the list below? Please ask us how we can help you and if we can cover your idea! Email us at to start the conversation.

Workshop Expenses

  • Food
  • Breakfast and/or lunch
  • Installfest refreshments/food
  • Playcare (childcare provided on site in the same building as the parents)
  • USB drives
  • Nametags, pens, stickers and misc supplies
  • Branded giveaways like t-shirts and stickers

Other Expenses

  • Software that supports Bridge operations (check with us first to see if we already have a discount or group account)
  • Marketing for Bridges

As we identify new types of expenses that we are able to support, this list will grow.

All expenses that are exceptions or additions to this policy must be only for charitable and educational activities consistent with our tax-exempt status.