Monitoring Your Funds

In the Bridge Foundry Public Finance Dashboard we track financial information for Bridge Foundry and all of its Bridges, Chapters, Programs, and Communities. This is where you find all of the latest information about money that comes in and money that goes out. In general, this should be current for anything that is more than a week or two old.

In this spreadsheet, some of the tabs you will find are:

  • Balance Summary Tab: A running tally of total money in, money out, and balance for each group or fund.
  • General Ledger Tab: A list of all individual transactions since Bridge Foundry, Inc. began processing finances in October 2017 (links provided to old spreadsheet with prior history from fiscal sponsor.)
  • Bridges, Chapters, & Communities Tabs: The remaining tabs are for each individual group (Bridge, Chapter, Community or Program) to keep track of how much money they have raised and what their current balance is. Please find your group in the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. (Note: some Independent Communities that receive grants do not have their own tab.)

Note: our old spreadsheet via our fiscal sponsor had a tab for tracking invoice status. We no longer track this in the finance dashboard, but you can check sponsor payment status by opening the link in the original invoice e-mail and looking for the paid stamp. Once payment is received from the sponsor, it will also show up on your spreadsheet tab within about a week.