PEX Card

A Pex Card works as a debit card and it is designed to add greater flexibility and accessibility to funds for Chapter and Bridge Leaders.

Each card costs us $7.50/month, so we need to reserve these cards for active Chapters and Bridges. Signing an agreement as a Chapter Leader or Bridge Leader qualifies you for a Pex card, and we ask that if you only expect to charge expenses to it very rarely, you consider doing reimbursements or direct pay instead so we can keep these maintenance fees lower.

Application Process

Complete the PEX Card Application & Agreement form. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • How soon you will need the card

It takes about a month for you to receive your card after submitting the application, so plan ahead! You can also choose to pay $35 or $45 to expedite the request, but it will still take about a week. See detailed options in the application form.


When you receive your card in the mail, contact to activate the card. Tell us at that time how much money you'd like loaded on it right away.

Use Guidelines

  • To load the card: We will transfer funds to your card upon request to, as long as you have enough funds for your Chapter or Bridge. Transfers are subject to a one week bank transfer delay, so please plan ahead! Your card can have a maximum of $3,000 on it at any given time. This policy exists to minimize financial risk from stolen cards and/or fraudulent charges. If you expect to need a lot of funds in a short time, let us know how much you will need overall and then communicate as you spend funds and need more added.

  • Monitor your funds: You can check your account balance by logging in here: The balance on our master accounting spreadsheet reflects total available funds, including what is on your Pex card. It does not indicate how much is on the card. You must make a request for us to transfer funds to Pex.

  • Reporting: Be sure to submit an expense report every month that there are any charges on the card. The report is due within 5 days of the end of the month. Failure to submit an expense report on time or any misuse of funds may result in the revocation of PEX Card privileges.