Requesting an Invoice

Note: anyone requesting an invoice must first be signed up as a Volunteer Fundraiser by signing the Volunteer Agreement.

In order to receive payment from a sponsor, please complete the Bridge Foundry Invoice Request Form. An electronic invoice will be sent to the recipient's email address you specified in the request form within a week at the most (usually within a couple of business days). You will know when it goes out, because we cc you on the email as well. If you don't see the invoice go out within a few days, feel free to follow up with us at Please complete one form for each sponsor/payment.

Payment Methods

The sponsor may pay by any of the following methods once they receive the invoice:

  • Check (default option; no fee)
  • ACH (integrated into invoice if requested; flat 50¢ fee)
  • Credit card (integrated into invoice if requested; 3.40% + 25¢ fee)
  • PayPal (not preferred but an option if they ask; your group absorbs 2.2% + 30¢ fee)

When you fill out the Invoice Request Form, you can select which payment options you want activated on the invoice. In order to maximize your donation, we recommend either leaving the credit option off or asking them if they will consider covering the fees. Many sponsors prefer the convenience of credit card transactions and are happy to pay a few dollars more to cover the transaction fee, in which case we can include that as an additional line item on the invoice.

Payment Follow Up

Once you submit an invoice request, we will follow up to ensure payment comes through.

  • After about a month with no payment, we remind the sponsor about paying
  • After about 2 months with no payment, we will ask you to follow up with the sponsor directly

If you are curious about the status of the payment at any time, you can click on the original emailed invoice (it will be marked "Paid" in big letters if we have received payment).

If a donor check or payment is not received prior to an upcoming workshop, don’t worry! We will advance funds from the Bridge Foundry general fund to cover your expenses until we receive payment.


Sometimes sponsors want us to fill out special vendor paperwork, get set up in their ACH system, provide a W9, or prove our 501c3 status. These are all things we are happy to handle directly. In most cases they simply reply to the invoice and we give them what they need. If someone contacts you directly about this sort of thing, direct them to