Direct Pay

Bridge Foundry is able to pay vendors directly for Chapters and Bridges. This option is not available to Independent Communities.

Invoicing Bridge Foundry

Vendors can invoice Bridge Foundry directly by mailing the invoice to us:

Bridge Foundry
340 S Lemon Ave #3994N
Walnut, CA 91789

Please let us know if you expect a vendor to invoice us. The invoice from the vendor should also list your Chapter or Bridge name.

Calling in Card Info

In the rare circumstance that a Chapter or Bridge isn't able to use a Pex card or arrange for invoicing and can't afford to be reimbursed, we may be able to call your vendor with credit card information to arrange for faster payment. We do need advanced notice for this; allow a week but if you're in a jam reach out and we will do our best. Contact us at to inquire about this option.

Preferred vendors

We believe we can reduce the burden on future volunteers by establishing relationships, standard pricing and common menu choices with preferred vendors. Many companies will also extend discounts to non-profit organizations, a benefit which may be easier to activate by setting up a standing vendor relationship. We are interested in exploring this approach more and would love your participation in trying it out.

We prefer to support local, independent businesses whenever possible and we are happy to support you in building relationships with them.

When you contact a vendor with whom you'd like to set up a Preferred Vendor relationship, we recommend including a copy of the FAQ below. Make sure to replace each instance of [*Bridge] with your Chapter name and fill in the "Local Bridge Contact" with your info before you send it to someone!

[*Bridge] Preferred Vendor FAQs

What is [*Bridge]?

[*Bridge] is a group that hosts free workshops each year to help people level up with programming technologies. Our focus is on increasing diversity in tech, and making the tech community a welcoming place for everyone. Everyone in [*Bridge] is a volunteer, and our funding comes mostly from technology companies working with us to improve diversity in the tech community.

What is a Preferred Vendor?

In locations where we hold workshops repeatedly, we're developing relationships with companies that provide meals and childcare for the workshops. This established relationship makes it easier for volunteer workshop organizers and for vendors who do business with us. We'll try to set a standard order for Preferred Vendors that can be scaled up or down for the headcount of a given workshop. After that, for each workshop, a workshop organizer will provide the headcount and workshop location.

We would like to make the experience for [*Bridge] Preferred Vendors as seamless as possible. Please give us feedback if something is difficult or inconvenient from your side; the best email for that feedback is [your email here].

How do vendors get paid?

We are part of Bridge Foundry, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Bridge Foundry processes payments for us, so please invoice them and reference [*Bridge] somewhere on the invoice.

You can send an invoice to:

  • Email: (preferred)
  • Mail: Bridge Foundry, 340 S Lemon Ave #3994N, Walnut, CA 91789

How long should payment take?

The turn-around time from invoicing Bridge Foundry is a maximum of 3 weeks. Under special circumstances, we may be able to turn around payment more quickly, but we can only commit to that with prior arrangement.

Who should I first contact with invoicing questions?

Contact Bridge Foundry's finance department at

How should I escalate invoicing questions?

Every Preferred Vendor has a local [*Bridge] contact. (It's probably the person sending you this FAQ.) If you have a problem interacting with Bridge Foundry directly, please contact your local contact. (Their contact information is at the end of this form.)

Who should I contact when I need to change the standard order?

If you need to change the standard order or discontinue your relationship with [Bridge], get in touch with your local [Bridge] contact. (Their contact information is at the end of this form.)

Who's my local [Bridge] contact?*

[Local Contact Name]

[Local Contact Email]

[Local Contact Phone]