Expense Reports

Expense reports are required for all expenditures via reimbursement (within a month of purchase) and Pex card (by 5 days after month end). Please note Bridge Foundry Inc. only provides reimbursement to individuals that are U.S. residents. Contact us at hello@bridgefoundry.org if you would like support us in creating an international reimbursement policy.

Expense report submissions are done via Expensify. Our goal is to make this easy for volunteers. If any of this presents a hardship, please let us know! We're always looking for ways to streamline our processes.

In addition to following the directions below for getting set up on Expensify initially, we encourage you to bookmark this page and review the "Submitting Reports" section each time you submit a report, as there are important reminders included.

Get Set Up On Expensify (One time)

  1. Complete and submit this form.

  2. Once you have received an email from Expensify notifying you that you have been added to the “Bridge Foundry Policy,” create an account on Expensify. You can sign in with an existing account like Google or set up a username and password. (You should be set up within two business days. If you do not receive an Expensify confirmation that you have been added to the “Bridge Foundry Policy” within that time frame, please email finance@bridgefoundry.org.)

  3. If you are getting reimbursed, add your bank account (do this before submitting your report to get paid faster!) The bank account information should belong to the individual who is requesting reimbursement. Each individual that needs reimbursement generally signs up for their own account and enters their own bank information. If you need to submit a report on someone else's behalf, however, see the instructions at the bottom of this page. Here's how to add the bank account for your own reimbursements:

    • Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Personal Settings".

    • On the right side of the screen, select "Reimbursement", then add a deposit account. You will need your routing and account numbers.

    • Once the account is added, Expensify will make three deposits into your account that you will need to verify in order to receive reimbursement via the account.

Submitting Reports

  1. Create a new report and add your expenses:

    • For workshop expenses, include the date(s) of the workshop in the report name.
    • Check the "reimburseable" box on each expense that you paid out of pocket and uncheck the box for Pex card expenses.
    • Select an expense category and a tag (your chapter/community name or general fund) for each individual expense. List specifics in the Comment field for expenses in the Other category.
  2. Double check that your report meets the following criteria - these are required for reimbursement!

    • All expenses must have itemized receipts attached. (Include both itemized receipt and payment receipt if tips included in final total. Invoices that don't list an amount paid do not count as receipts. We need to see that you paid the invoice. Use our template for on-site service providers if they don't provide receipts.) See note at the bottom of this page about how to submit multiple receipts!
    • Expenses must be for a chapter or fund for which you are approved to submit expenses, and must follow our approved expenses policy

  1. Submit the report using the button near the top left of the screen.

  2. If you haven’t already, add a bank account so you can receive payment. (For those getting reimbursed.)

  3. You will receive an email when the expense report has been approved. Feel free to email us at finance@bridgefoundry.org if you aren’t seeing approval come through within a week of submission.

  4. PLEASE NOTE that if you DO NOT select the "Bridge Foundry" policy in the upper right hand corner of the report, it won't be submitted to us and we will not receive notification that you've submitted a report.

  5. For those getting reimbursed, ACH payments will arrive in your bank account about one week after approval.

Attaching Multiple Receipts

For expenses that require multiple attachments, there are two ways to approach this:

  1. Combine all receipts for that expense into a single document and then upload that for the receipt. We will scroll through when reviewing the receipts.
  2. Or, include additional receipts/documents at the bottom of the report as "attachments." If it looks like something is missing, we will check the attachments before asking you about it.

Submitting a Report for Someone Else

If you need to submit a report on someone else's behalf, take the following additional steps:

  • Include the name of the volunteer to be reimbursed in the report name
  • Add a comment at the bottom of the report with the name and postal address of the volunteer who should be sent a check.